Monday, July 30, 2012

Pink is the color of passion!

Others preview frm the upcoming Pink Ribbon Fair 2012

This cute nail's polish prop with four poses included is one of the release for this fair by Nani Poses.

Skin      ::Modish::     ShweeterU  -  candy  -  fair  @ Pink Ribbon Fair 2012

Shape        Panda Punx       Rita  -  hunt item for PinkRibbonFair Hunt

Overall        [Iren]        blue/pink   -  in mesh  -  @ Pink Ribbon Fair 2012

Bracelets        ::B::U::B::       pink/ yellow    @ Pink Ribbon Fair 2012

Poses and prop       nani poses      Pretty In Pink     @ Pink Ribbon Fair 2012

I'm wearing also

Hair      TRUTH     Maggie

Shoes      N-core       Caresse

Dani, <3

Sunday, July 29, 2012

.evolve. for Lazy Sunday

Cute mesh dress for 79L by .evolve. , you can find it in several colors!


Skin     ITGIRLS     Florrie

Hair     Miamai

Dress     .evolve.      Jali Dress  -  cherry  -   79L for Lazy Sunday

Earrings      FZaPP       Ago Mesh  -  all colors for 100L

The 6th Bandana Day

Today is the last day of Hair Fair 2012. It was a great fair! But the last day is the most important day of the event: the Bandana Day! We remove our hairs to show care and to stay closer. SL Residents from all over have created these bandanas that are for sale for only 50L each, and transferable. 

All donations to the Kiosks at Hair Fair 2012 and the Bandana Sales are all 100% Wigs for Kids donations. 

What can i say? This is the last chance to visit this wonderful sim and event dedicated all to Wigs For Kids!

This is the full list of tips and LM maps: .


Bandana   [LeLutka] 


:::LiNe::: for Lazy Sunday

For this Lazy Sunday (and only for this sunday) a pretty dress by LiNe for 59L!

Skin      ITGIRLS       Florrie

Hair        Miamai    -    gift @ Hair Fair 2012

Dress       :::LiNe:::        Tiger  - lime  -   59L Lazy Sunday

Necklace, bracelets and earrings      FZaPP      GwOn   set  -  mesh  -   New

Boots        J's       Tight High Boots   -  black

Poses         ::  Focus Poses  ::       Model 84

Danielle, <3

Just a week! Pink Ribbon Fair is so closer!

So just a week left to the start of Pink Ribbon Fair. All this pink make me crazy, all items are so pretty and the sim that accomodates the fair is very beautiful. All in beach theme as you can see from the photo below.

 A big cheer to the faboulos team of Pink Ribbon Fair! But now we want see all the special pinkie items! And these are some pinkie items you can find at the fair. I want remember you that they are 100% profit to American Cancer Society!

Skin         Panda Punx       PRF Exclusive Skin    @ Pink Ribbon Fair 2012

Headpiece          Superbia        Flower Sensation  -  ACS    @ Pink Ribbon Fair 2012

Top            ::Sweet Intoxication::         Penny Mesh Top  -  Cupcake    @ Pink Ribbon Fair 2012

Pants          [LF]        LQueen Jeans  mesh     @ Pink Ribbon Fair 2012

Poses  and prop        ::WetCat::        As I Reflect ( four poses )     @ Pink Ribbon Fair 2012

I will post the LM when the Fair starts, on 4th August! Stay tuned!

Dani, <3

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Some days ago *BeReckless* released a new line of cute mesh romper. They are very pretty and available in several colors with a special patterns. The hair are a new release at Hair Fair 2012 by Wasabi Pills and are in mesh.

Skin      LAQ         Alva

Hair        /Wasabi Pills/         Aida    @ Hair Fair 2012

Romper        *BeReckless*          Mesh Romper   -   blue  -   New

Shoes         KAPONE           Triptik  sneakers  -  black  

Pose       N30

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair will start in a few hours finally! I' m glad to say that the items are all fantastic! There are a lot of pretty and beautiful creations in the fair by a lot of designers partecipating in the event. So i want begin with some of them...


                       Shape        Superbia         Haughty     @ Vanity Fair

Blouse        *.JULYs.*         Rockbilly   - mesh  -   @ Vanity Fair

Skirt        [SPASH]       Plaid black mini skirt    @ Vanity Fair

Bangles       Superbia       Illusions Bangles   -  orange  -  @ Vanity Fair

Nails        Adoness       Bloody black french nails   -  giftbox  @ Vanity Fair

Skin       ::Modish::       Lepota-Letto  -  sunkiss clev  -   @ Vanity Fair

Dress        ArisAris    rig75   Joyful Heart    @ Vanity Fair

Bag       Tentacio       Nina bag  -  sushi  -  @ Vanity Fair

Bangles       Superbia      Illusions Bangles  -  pink    @ Vanity Fair

Skin     ::Modish::      Lepota Starlight  -  tan    @ Vanity Fair

Dress and shoes      ArisAris       Joie de vivre    @ Vanity Fair

Necklace and ring      [SPLASH]       Stone Set mesh  -  black  -  @ Vanity Fair

I' m so excited! I will post more items in the future posts; don't lose this fair because all the creations are very beautiful!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mett me halfway

Lavandachic has released the new line of skin and shape. There are five different skin with shape for all the skin. The skins are so original and cute. 

All the skins are sold with shape included for 250L at the mainstore


Skin       *Lavandachic*       Ada    -    New

Shape        *Lavandachic*      Ada   -  New

Hair          LoQ       Gingerbread   -   @ TDRB

Corset, top, leggins and skirt         Sn@tch       Ida Lovedlace Mesh Corset   

Bracelet         KOSH        Epiphany    

Bangle       Superbia        Candy Bangle   -   lila

Poses         ::  Focus Poses  ::        Model 84

Pumps       Aleida       store closed

Home on the beach

For this month of July, Trompe Loeil released a great skybox at Collabor88. It isn't a news because July started some days ago ( and for some reason i can't post before this amazing skybox), but remember these are the last days to buy it for 188L.

The Sunbleached Skybox is only 55prims and included bench with four animations and swimming pool. It is modify, copy and no transfer.

There are also some furniture perfect for your skybox or others homes. The furniture is sold separately each 88L.

Sunbleached Reclined 88L  -  seats one  -  5 animated poses

Sunbleached Round Couch  -  sets two  -  8 single animations, 6 couple animations  -  88L

Both skybox and furniture are mesh items.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

This love is like music

A beautiful dress by Gold In The Night by Elisea Carter. This dress is sexy and elegant at same time. I fell in love with it since i saw it at first sight. 

It make me feel as a siren, with its trasparent veils and this wonderful design. The necklace is created for this dress in particular. The dress is available in several colors.

The hair i' m wearing are a free gift by Loovus Dzevavor. So pretty! A must have for this type of look.


Skin       Belleza       Melissa

Hair       [[Loovus Dzevavor]]       Swing   -  free @ Hair Fair 2012

Dress         Gold In The Night        Acate     -   white   -   New

Necklace         Gold In The Night     Acate  -  white  -  New

Poses        N30

xoxo, Dani <3

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pink Ribbon Fair

Flair For Events presents a new amazing event: the Pink Ribbon Fair! It is an event in collaboration with Relay For Life of SecondLife and the theme is pink. All the sim and the logo of the brands partecipated in the fair will be in pink color.This color was choosed because the first purpose of the fair is to raise funds for American Cancer Society, all the pink exclusives items found on the event sim are 100% donation to the society. The fair starts 4th August till 25th August. There is also an hunt organizated in the Pink Ribbon Fair sim, i will post more items about in the future posts.

PRF            Madi's  Secrets         Cotton Set  -  tops and pants  -  available also in another pink tones 

Others credits:

Skin      ::Modish::     MilesAway   -   sunkiss clev option  -   @ GSP

Hair          red (MINT)         No. 03    -   brown pack   -   @ Hair Fair 2012

Lingerie and stockings        Madi's Secrets        Chemise Set 2  -  @ Pink Ribbon Fair

others credits:

Hair      D!iva     Vivienne

Pumps       MAAI      Supergirl

Pose         BENT.      Fashion Icon 3  -  Complete the experience

For all the info about the fair go to the official blog at this link .
Stay tuned for the LM and others amazing pink items!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hello girls! Today some news i love so much! First the new skin by My UglyDorothy. It is so cute, and it is available in three different skin tones: salmon, burley and saddle. The fatpack included also eyebrow in tattoo layer and several make up style. For this style i decided to wear something simple but really pretty as the new release by *BeReckless*. A new off shoulder sweater, it can be dressed also with leggins. 

The necklace is one of the amazing creations by Maxi Gossamer of Gossamer Jewelry. The colors of pearls and others components of necklace can be changed. It is wearable also in combo edition and single edition.

Skin       MY UGLYDOROTHY        Twiggy   -   burley   07 teeth   -   New

Shape       already posted

Hair          Calico Ingmann Creations         Angie    -    @ Designer Circle

Sweater       *BeReckless*       Mesh Off Shoulder Sweater   -  blue  -   New

Necklace         MG           Tilly Ethnic   -  combo2      

Nails        PurpleMoon

Poses  and prop          BENT.        Inspire Shadow - Spheres   -   10L for Seraphim Birth Hunt (created to be used with shadows)

Monday, July 23, 2012

My rouge lips

Designer Circle is at its 33 round of year! So there are a lot of news for this week. I' wearing some of them in the look of the day. First my lispstik, in scarlett color, by Headturners comes in four different red tones. Then the dress is the item by P.i.X.X.i.S. In mesh, love it so much, it's a simple long dress available in pink also. The skin and the shape are a new by *ApS* and it is called Estelle. The earrings are available at Designer Circle and are an item by BeautyCode.

Skin       *ApS*       Estelle      -   New

Shape      *ApS*      Estelle   -   New

Hair        Exile        gift at Hair Fair 2012

Dress        P.i.X.X.i.S          Hanky Dress   -   stripey blue  -   @ Designer Circle

Lipstick       Headturners         Matt Lipstick   -   scarlett   -   @ Designer Circle

Earrings        .::BeautyCode::.         Summer Loop   -   blue  -  @ Designer Circle

Poses         ::  Focus Poses  ::       Model 85   -   New

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Don't say a prayer for me now

Today's look is a full urban look. I made it thinking of a urban city in the night in this sense, the background i found it's perfect for this type of imagine. Well i' m wearing a new group gift by Blueberry, this pants in mesh and in grey color; they comes in several sizes.Very pretty gift.

The shirt is a new release by Useful Things as the hair that are a new release by Tameless. Same thingfor the skin, that is a release by Modish for Hope For Emilia, an event organized to raise funds for earthquake victims. It is available in several skin tones.


Skin      ::Modish::      Hora   @ Hope For Emilia

Shape      self made

Hair     Tameless      Tatiana II   -  New

Shirt       .:Useful Things:.         Dandy Shirt   -  green   -  New

Pants        Blueberry       Essy   -   mesh skinny jeans  -   group gift

Belt        Pepper      Basti Belt

Tattoo       Superbia      Kusanagi   -   dark   -   New

Boots        J's        Studded Long Boots   -  grey - unisex   -   New

Poses        ::  Focus Poses  ::        Model 82   -   New

Friday, July 20, 2012


Hello girls! Good morning *smiles*. Yesterday i blogged about one of the new release by Tentacio, today i fits a particular look with the new release by May' s Soul perfect for goreans: a so lovely tunic, very sexy and original. It is available in several colors and comes with bracelets, belt, nipple chain and necklace. I must confess that i fell in love with it and i dressed ìt also while i went around in-world visiting gorean or nature sims. Then the lipstick i chose is a new release by Modish for Things For Woman event, it is available in several set, today i blogged a lipstick from Set A, fresh red color.

Skin       Belleza       Elle

Shape     self made

Hair       /Wasabi Pills/        Zoey    -   @ Hair Fair 2012

Lipstick         ::Modish::          Be4Me Lipsticks   -   set A  -  lipstick 1  -  @ Things For Woman

Tunic       May' s Soul         Dorne Tunic    -   pink   -   New

Poses       label motion

Have a good weekend!
Dani, <3

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lemon and orange!

Hello! Some pretty news! I wanna say that i have so much fun doing this look and i love it so much! Love the colours and the sense of summer fresh. First, the tunic i' m wearing is a new release by Tentacio, Isa dress in mesh ad available in several colors. Then FZaPP released an amazing couple of bracelets, when i saw them i remained incanted from them, they are totally inspired by a RL look. They are a must have i think! Also the earrings i' m wearing are by FZaPP and sold at Things For Woman event for 89L. See my teeth and my liptick? I love it! So kissable! It is a new release by Modish and it is sold at Things For Woman also. The sandals i'm dressing are a new release by ArisAris, available in different colors.


Skin     Glam Affair    Roza  @ TDR

Shape      self made

Lipstick       ::Modish::        Be4Me  -  set C  -  @ Things For Woman

Hair        D!iva       Vivienne  @ Hair Fair 2012

Dress       Tentacio      Isa Dress  -  orange  -  New

Earrings      FZaPP       Earrings Exclusive    @ Things For Woman

Bracelets       FZaPP       Summer RL X SL   -  New

Sandals       ArisAris      Odamae    -   desert  -  New

All the poses i used for this post are by ILAYA, called Expose set 1, and they will sold at The Last Fashion Cache! I wanna thanks Calypso Sparrowtree and Trixie Cliassi for accepted me as blogger in their beautiful event!

Coming closer to you

New by Gold In The Night. A new autumn dress, a chic style for the next autumn. The hair i have are a new release by Tameless and you can find them at Hair Fair 2012. Kisses!


Skin      Glam Affair      Roza    -   @ TDR

Shape     self made

Hair       Tameless       Ramona   -  @ Hair Fair 2012

Dress       Gold In The Night          Anais   -  electric blue  -  New

Mask       Gold In The Night    Anais

Gloves      Gold In The Night    Anais

Poses        ::  Focus Poses  ::       Party Set   @ Perfect Wardrobe

Last Day of Sale!

This is the final dayof sale at *BeReckless* so if you wanna grab some deals go soon to mainstore!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Deal Me In 2 LeeZu Contest!

New fantastic contest by LeeZu!

I don't have time to write a better post so go to the official LeeZu website, you can find allthe info


Blueberry is one of my favourite store, for its look andsome other reasons. One of this is its gifts! Always so nice and pretty. This round the gift is a deliciuos dress in a retrò style, in mesh. I think it is very soft style also for the color. Then, the hair i'm on are a new release by Amacci, that you can find at Hair Far 2012. They are very nice, love the way hair goes up and goes down on my face. The skin is available at The Dressing Room called Roza and is made by Glam Affair.

Skin        Glam Affair          Roza   -  summer01  -   TDR

Shape    self made

Hair         Amacci        Cassie    -   @ Hair Fair 2012

Dress      Blueberry       Akee    -  group gift

Nails      Mandala

Pose      :: Focus Poses  ::      Party Set   -   New @ Perfect Wardrobe

Black Angel

Hello my readers! Tonight i feel like a fallen angel, and the new gift by HoF it's the exact item i need! It is available for free at store and comes also in ash color. Then two amazing new: one by Tameless, the other by FZaPP. Tameless release for the Hair Fair five different style, one of this is Victoria, i love it, love the way it seems on my face and the hair along the shoulders. You can't see trought the photo but behind they continue. The bracelets (upper and lower) and the collar i' m wearing as jewels re a new release by FZaPP. This set is available in others three colors: brown, gold and silver.

Skin      ITGIRLS     Florrie

Eyes       Poetic Colors

Shape     self made

Hair         Tameless        Victoria    -   browns  -   @ Hair Fair 2012

Fur          H.O.F            AnjaFurShoulders    -    free gift at store

Bracelts and necklace          FZaPP       Pecola Set   -  black  -  New

Pose         ::  Focus Poses  ::          Jewelry Set


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hair Fair 2012 - part 2 -

Today finally Hair Fair 2012 opened to the public. Here par of  the new releases by Wasabi Pills and (red)Mint. I love them all! (red)Mint has also a nice freebie, in all colors; i will blog it in the future post. But now we are going to see this amazing creations!

/Wasabi Pills/        Zoey

/Wasabi Pills/       Aida

(red) Mint         No.02    -   CoolBlonds (rigged mesh hair)

(red) Mint          No.01    -    Fantasy/wLocks   -   rigged mesh hair

Clothing   .evolve.
Skin     Mojo, Curio and Heartsick

I paste the lm of the single store but actually Hair Fair is currently full so you have to try with many tips! Remember that every single items sold at Hair Fair has a percentage will go to Wigs for Kids!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hair Fair 2012! - part 1 -

What a wonderful fair!! Today i have been to Hair Fair 2012 for the Hair Fair Blogger Day and i saw a real special event that will start tomorrow! First of all, the Hair Fair sim is amazing, inspired to a zen garden, it' s so simple follow the several stores because they are dispose in four different region: Flower, Garden, Water and Sand. This is the map of the Fair:

To fight the lag there is a low lag outfit and hairbase by Exile. There are a lot of stores in the Fair, unfortunately some designers hadn't finished to setting up their store. But now i show you some of them wich finished. This year as every year there are amazing hair style from all designers! And there are a lot of freebie also that i will blog in the future posts. Don't forget that part of the profits goes to Wigs For Kids!

                                                                     D!va   -   Vivienne             

So cute!! When i try the demo i fell in love with them.                        

                                                                Analog Dog    -    Ging

                                     Always great hairs by Analog Dog, a store that i love!

Top is a subscribe gift by Hucci, it is in mesh. Join the subscribe to have future gifts and promotions.

                                                          Ivanka Akina Fashion Store   -   Betty

I didn' know this store before but now i'm sure i will follow it! Love the style of the new release by Ivanka Akina.

                                                             Tameless   -   Bethany

                                                    A fresh summer style! Very pretty!

P.S: I will add LM tomorrow when Hair Fair 2012, finally, will open!